History 90' 2x45' 52'

Florence Nightingale: Nursing Pioneer

She revolutionized modern nursing and yet, few people know Florence Nightingale’s story. Born in 1820 into a rich English family, Florence Nightingale was passionate about medicine from an early age. In a world where it was normal for women of society to remain at home, she broke through gender barriers and pioneered a profession in a field then reserved for men.

A trailblazer, she led a group of nurses to care for wounded soldiers during the Crimean war, and developed revolutionary views about hygiene and sanitation. Hailed as a heroine by Queen Victoria and the British people upon her return from the front, she quickly established the Nightingale Training School for Nurses, and continued her efforts to reform healthcare.

Blending archive, testimonies and reenactments, this film looks into the life of this extraordinary woman and her brilliant legacy that benefits everyone’s medical care today. A riveting portrait of an activist, a social reformer, a statistician and a nurse who defied the stifling conventions and marked history.


Direction: Aurine Crémieu

Production: Tohubohu for ARTE France

Languages: French, English

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