History 4K 2x52' 90'

Real life of a Roman soldier

There was a time in history when the Roman military was invincible, but this success was only made possible by its exceptionally powerful army. The force’s heavy infantrymen - known as legionaries - were efficient, disciplined and utterly fearless, almost mythological. And yet, they were flesh and blood men.


What type of man would become a legionary? How did they live, and what did they dream of? What bound them together, willing to risk their own lives for their fellow soldiers? Discoveries of ancient Roman camps across Europe are shedding new light on the lives of their soldier occupants.


Over the last few decades, numerous archaeological excavations have helped to deconstruct the clichés that surround the legendary figure.


Following recent and current excavations from Vindolanda in northern England, to Fourvière Hill in Lyon’s Roman Quarter, alongside leading experts and thanks to priceless relics found (weapons, clothes, dishes and even correspondence), as well as reenactments and 3D reconstruction, this archaeological and scientific investigation will bring this ancient world to life to uncover the truth of the living man behind the legendary soldier.

Direction: Pierre-François Gaudry

Co-written with Bernard Mathieu

Production: Mona Lisa Production for France Télévisions, Viasat & Telefonica

Languages: French, English

awards & festivals

  • Amiens Archaeology Film Festival

    Official Selection

  • Les Rencontres Archéologiques de la Narbonnaise

    Official Selection

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