History 4K 52' 90'

Eiffel: Towers' war

Behind the iconic Eiffel Tower lies the story of an incredible challenge to erect a thousand-foot tower that went far beyond a design competition, and marked a major turning point in engineering history. It was the beginning of radical transformation where iron was pitted against stone, engineering against architecture, and modern design against ancients.


Press campaigns, lobbying, public conferences, denigration of opposing projects, bragging about big names - all participants engaged in a fierce battle without concession. Using 3D recreations, official sources (reports, letters, drawings...) and intimate archives obtained from their descendants, this film will bring to life this vertical race through a fresh and visual way to mark the centenary of Eiffel death.

Direction: Savin Yeatman-Eiffel & Mathieu Schwartz 

Production: ZED for ARTE France, PBS, TV5 Québec, RTBF, TV5 Monde & Telefonica

Languages: French, English

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