History 4K 52’ 90’

Vikings: The Lost Kingdom

2018, Gjellestad, Norway. Archaeologists make the discovery of a lifetime: a 20-metre long, 1200-year-old Viking funeral ship.

Who is hiding in the grave? Is Gjellestad one of the oldest Viking settlements? What can this coffin tell us about the daily lives, beliefs and traditions of the Vikings?

July 2020, an exceptional archaeological expedition begins. Thanks to exclusive access to this archaeological excavation, state-of-the-art technologies, cinema-worthy dramatized reenactments and with the help of great specialists of the Viking era, this unprecedented journey will bring this incredible site, its villagers, warriors and craftsmen back to life. Both a scientific investigation and an epic historical drama, it will follow this extremely rare excavation step by step to reveal who has been hiding inside this mysterious Viking coffin for over a thousand years.

Direction: Pierre Stine & Alexis de Favitski

Production: ZED & Mechanix Film for CuriosityStream & France Télévisions

Delivery: December 2022

Photo: ©gjellestadstory.no

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