History Science 4K 52’ 90’

Vikings: The Lost Kingdom

2018, Gjellestad, Norway. Archaeologists make the discovery of a lifetime: a 20-metre long, 1200-year-old Viking funeral ship. Who is hiding in the grave? What can this coffin tell us about the daily lives, beliefs and traditions of the Vikings? In July 2020, begins an exceptional archaeological expedition in hope to find answers.


This buried vessel was to led its passenger to Valhalla, realm of the slain warriors ruled by Odin. An ancient ritual dedicated to most powerful Vikings. Will a king or a queen be uncovered? Thanks to an exclusive access to the site, we follow each step of the archaeologists’ quest. Before our eyes, a fascinating puzzle is about to be solved. This unearthed ship unveils above all the customs of these seafarers, as well as their undeniable mastery skills.


Using state-of-art technologies, cinema-worthy dramatized reenactments and with the help of great specialists, Vikings: the lost kingdom is both a scientific investigation and an epic historical drama which brings back to life villagers, warriors and craftsmen of this lost civilization.  

Direction: Alexis de Favitski in collaboration with Pierre Stine

Production: ZED & Mechanix Film for France Télévisions, NRK & CuriosityStream

Languages: French, English

awards & festivals

  • Amiens Archaeology Film Festival

    Official Selection


    Arkeolan Prize

  • Pariscience

    Official Selection

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