History 4K 52'

Fabergé, the Making of a legend

For over a century, the name Fabergé has evoked the world’s most extravagant Easter eggs. Today, the Imperial Eggs, as they came to be called, continue to enjoy an unmatched position in the history of the decorative arts. But the work of Fabergé goes well beyond that.

He designed a range of other work of high quality and intricate details, that took the art world by storm, provoking the passion of thousands of collectors across the planet. Fabergé broke the codes of traditional jewellery and created an exceptional industry.

This film immerses us into the incredible universe the House of Fabergé invented. Above the eggs, it retraces the destiny of the Fabergé Clan, and explores its entire work. An exceptional human adventure that took place in a declining Russian Empire about to be swept away by the revolution.

Direction: Jean-Pierre Cottet

Production: Martange Production for ARTE France

Languages: French, English

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