True crime 6x52'

Amber Alert

Parental alienation, pedophilia, sexual crimes, sectarian excesses... Many of us have followed these chilling cases, symptoms of an era and the ills of our society. But once the denouement known and the media window closed, the investigation is just beginning.

Through six child kidnapping cases, this documentary series dissects a mechanism whose effectiveness is well proven: the AMBER alert. Trough meetings with families incredible by their dignity and resilience, and moving testimonies of victims, "AMBER Alert" takes us to the other side of the screen to discover behind the scenes and understand the workings of a unique and colossal organization, in the manner of a crime fiction series.

- Aurélia case

- Diango case

- Alexandre case

- Enis case

- Ibrahima case

- Elise case

Direction: Vincent Lefebvre

Production: Step By Step for Planète & Crime Investigation

Languages: French, English

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