True crime 4x52'

The Jersey way: inside the island's scandals

In the early 2000s, English policeman Graham Power manages to order a public inquiry on more than 50 years of heinous, hidden cases of child abuse. A handful of powerful men are quickly removed from their offices - or silenced. Troublesome witnesses are prevented from speaking. How deep does this go?


Now, through the eyes of those who weathered the Jersey storm, the victims of the immoral perpetrators, and the locals who fought against the corruption that had been eating their home from the inside out is the story of the deepest investigation into the darkest days of Jersey.


From the first crimes committed by a masked rapist in the 1960’s to the political scandal of the 2000’s including the orphanage then nicknamed “The House of Horror”, this ambitious true-crime series reveals the detectives, criminals and countless victims and plunges us into the heart of the deep-seated, international corruption on this small island, bringing to light the powerful and dark system behind it.

  • Episode 1: 13 Police Forces
  • Episode 2: The 8th senator
  • Episode 3: The Counterattack
  • Episode 4: Haven

Direction: Dominique Baumard & Antoine Guerre 

Production: TDO & Mil Sabords for Planète+

Languages: French, English

awards & festivals

  • FIPADOC 2023

    Official Selection

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