True crime 4x52'

Order of the Occult: Inside the Sect of the Solar Temple

Between September 1994 and March 1997, seventy-four people died tragically in Canada, Switzerland and France in the name of the Order of the Solar Temple.


More than 25 years later, key players in the air - including several followers and rare survivors from the first hour - have come out of their silence to tell the story as they experienced it: that of a small utopian community born at the end of the 1970s, a free, pacifist and ecologist fraternity, preaching love and an imperious respect for life... Which progressively turned into a sectarian movement whose madness led to collective murders and suicides. How did these people end up to this extreme and tragic fate? Did they all accept voluntary death? Or were they murdered? Who were behind this massive crime?


Today, this ambitious 4-part series rewind the film of the whole story. We’ll investigate this drama from the very beginning to unravel the complex threads of the affair and understand the spiritual, human and psychological mechanisms that were at work. Unpublished private and public archives, testimonies of survivors and former followers, all the major protagonists will be brought together for an exceptional documentary series that resonates today as cults are again on the rise.



Direction: Pierre Morath & Eric Lemasson
Production: YUZU Productions, Les Productions du Moment & Point Prod, for RTS & Planète+

Languages: French, English, German, Italian

awards & festivals

  • Festival TV de Luchon

    Audience Award for the documentary series

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