True crime 12x52'

48H Under Suspicion

A face-to-face confrontation between criminals and investigators, custody is a strategic and intuitive moment of any police enquiry.

An immersion into the heart of this decisive moment, this documentary series gives us a close-up view of these closed doors encounters that are generally seen by none but on which everything hangs. Over a two-day period, the police officers in charge of the enquiry will wage a veritable psychological war against the suspect, with one sole goal in mind: obtaining a confession.

In an authentic race against time, each episode will take us into the depths of a resolved criminal case, using police reports, interviews with the main characters – police officers, magistrates, lawyers... – and re-enactments played by actors. An original series that analyses the mechanics of confessions and renews the genre.

Season 1

  • Adriano Araujo Da Silva
  • Le Couviour
  • Jean-Yves Morel
  • Van Geloven
  • Jean-Stéphane Saizelet & Nadège Wiktorska
  • The Bruyas couple

Season 2

  • Maurice Boiteux
  • Jacques Rançon
  • Nicolas Charbonnier
  • Alain Berruet
  • Didier Barbot & Stéphanie Livel
  • Noëlla Hégo

Direction: Thierry De Lestrade, Eléonore Rougier, Vincent De Cointet, Rémy Burkel

Production: What’s Up Films for France 5

Languages: French, English

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