Nature 8K 2x52'

Wild Cats

Over the last few decades, wild cat populations have plummeted. But recently, protected areas have led to the preservation of some species. From the savannah to the desert, from virgin forests to Mediterranean islands, wild cats are everywhere thanks to conservation initiatives. As long as we offer them suitable environments, these intelligent carnivores adapt to changing climates and take advantage of every new opportunity.

Five continents, five different species, five individual cats -  including prehistoric felids - in unique environments: follow the destiny of thirty different characters thriving in a fast changing world. Each chapter focus on individual animals and is structured as a tale of survival, a lesson of courage and endurance. This is an invitation to plunge into the complex realm of little known felines, to see the night with ultra-sensitive eyes, to navigate in the dark with long whiskers, to detect high frequency sounds of a prey with external ears or to map a territory with urine scents. 

Drones, camera traps, endoscopes, infra-red and thermal-image cameras… The most advanced tools in 8K cinematography are gathered to observe these animals’ behavior, and understand how these species are thriving thanks to conservation initiatives.

Ep 1: African cats

Ep 2: European cats 

Direction: Bertrand Loyer

Production: Saint Thomas Production for ARTE GEIE

Languages: French, English

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