Nature 4K 52'

Leopard School

At the heart of Southern Africa, in Botswana, two leopard cubs are born. To ensure their survival, their mother must prepare them to face all the dangers of the outside world.


But the task proves to be complex. Today, the human activity and the climactic upheavals deeply weaken these wild territories, thus threatening the balance of its ecosystem… From now on, the animals have no other choice but to adapt, or to disappear. Aware of the risks, the mother leopard transforms herself into a veritable teacher, initiating her cubs into the art of survival. Will they be able to master it?


After three years of immersion among leopard populations, Julien Naar and Wim Vorster invite us to dive into the majestic landscapes of Southern Africa and observe the behavior of this fascinating species. Using the latest technologies (drones, high sensitivity cameras), they deliver an animal fable as tender as it is moving.

Direction: Julien Naar

Authors: Julien Naar & Wim Vorster

Production: ZED for France Télévisions

Delivery: End of September 2024

Languages: French, English

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