Nature 4K 52'

Siberian tiger, the secret kingdom

In the furthest reach of northeast China, is a mountain wilderness that few have yet explored: Hunchun National Nature Reserve. At its core, lives one of Earth’s rarest predators: The Amur tiger.


We are in one of the last bastions for these felines whose life purpose is to find a suitable partner. The task is difficult as only thirty of the species still live here, along with fellow predators such as Amur leopards, Tibetan black bears or Eurasian lynx. On the forest’s secret paths, we follow the Siberian tigers’ incredible journey - as they wander, hunt and communicate amongst a rich biodiversity.


Using a combination of remote camera, long lens and drone filming, this pioneering film propels us into China’s unseen wildlife. Across the seasons, witness spectacular scenes of the Amur tigers’ destiny. Never has a forest’s secret inhabitants been so comprehensively captured.

Direction: Laurence Guzzo

Production: ZED, China Media Group & France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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