Nature 4K 2x52'

Wild dogs

By domesticating the dog, man has created a multitude of animals, selecting an aptitude or morphological aspect according to his needs and desires. But long before our fourlegged best friend learned to fetch tennis balls or watch football from the couch, its ancestors were purely wild animals! And these species developed their own tactics and qualities to adapt to their ecosystem.

Bush dogs, maned wolves, dingoes, raccoon dogs... What abilities did these free-roaming species develop to communicate, cooperate and survive on their own, in the wild? What behaviors do our domestic dogs share with their wild relatives? And how did they thrive in the animal kingdom?

From Argentina to Sweden, from India to Zimbabwe, Japan and Australia, this miniseries follows these wild animals as they evolve in their environment, to observe their morphological aspects and understand their social skills and particular history with humans. A close look at what make these species so unique, and what connects them to their domestic cousin.

  • Episode 1: Unexpected dogs
  • Episode 2: Dogs unit

Direction: Samuel Ruffier & Matthias Abrantes

Production: Mona Lisa production for ARTE G.E.I.E.


Languages: French, English

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