Nature 4K 3x52'

Wild Empire

Dense and mysterious forests, vertical mountains, sweeping deserts and thriving wetlands… While Central Asia is densely populated, it’s also one of the most vast - and last - unexplored wilderness regions on Earth. Its distinctly sublime landscapes boast the highest biodiversity of anywhere outside the tropics.

Our insider, exclusive access - along with our global perspective - propels viewers into Asia’s magnificent bounty of rare, charismatic wildlife through intimately told stories about unique animals. Following the superb and unprecedented approach of The Frozen Kingdom of the Snow Leopards - which broadcast worldwide in 2020 - we will embed with three more iconic animals as their true dramas unfold before our eyes.

And, for the first time, an international crew will be on the ground to capture behavior in previously unseen locations in China.

  • Episode 1: Golden Monkeys: Braving the impossible - NEW!
  • Episode 2: Tibetan Antelope: The Mysterious Migration - COMING SOON
  • Episode 3: Asian Elephants, kingdom of giants - COMING SOON

Production : ZED, CCTV9, ARTE & National Geographic

Delivery: Fall 2022 (Episodes 1 & 2) - December 2022 (Episode 3)

Selected at the Sunny Side 2021 Wildlife conservation pitch session

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