Nature 4K 43' 52'

Animals: Drugs, Sex and Fun!

It was long believed that animals only played to learn, only mated to reproduce and only took drugs by accident. But sometimes, they just do it for fun!


Research has revealed that animals seek for pleasure just like humans do, and that there are many ways in which they enjoy themselves. Did you know that rats loved to play hide-and-seek? That primates played erotic games to ease tensions within their groups? Or that reindeers were quite fond of hallucinogenic mushrooms? Scientists show that this quest for pleasure – as wild as it can get – might even be a key of evolution and biodiversity!


Combining the testimonies of international ethologists, scientific archives and sequences showing the animals in their natural habitats, this unusual documentary reveals the complexity of animal pleasure.

Direction: Thierry Berrod

Production: Mona Lisa Production for ARTE G.E.I.E.

Photo credits: Noëlle Gunst & Jean-Baptiste Leca

Delivery: Fall 2024

Languages: French, English

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