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In Japan, children are taught respect and good manners from primary school onwards. Order and discipline are very important, as is the notion of hierarchy and respect, particularly towards the "sensei" (teacher).


Divided into three sequences - equivalent to the three school terms - the film follows children, teenagers and teachers in a primary school. From an early age, Japanese children must learn to be courteous, respectful and disciplined. The uniform, more than just a piece of clothing, is a powerful symbol of school identity and a powerful lever for discipline.


This hand-held camera documentary sheds light on an educational environment where children of the same age are highly standardized and where the atmosphere can be oppressive. We are plunged in the rigidity and fragility inherent in this old system, which sometimes proves to be fertile ground for bullying.

Direction: Ema Ryan Yamazaki

Production: Pystymetsä, ZED & Point du jour – Les Films du Balibari for NHK & France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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