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Lina's World

What place do women have in Islam? What are the relationships between Jews and Christians?

Lina, 12, has a lot of questions about religion. At school, at home, or when she is out and about, she wonders about what she hears and is told.

Her father, Ishmael, struggles to answer all her questions. Luckily, pigeon Nemo, specialized in the history of religion, is here to help! He takes them on a journey back in time, when the different holy books were written. A voyage to discover and understand the origins of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism in the context of the times.

An educational 2D animation series, with a bit of humour, that questions the stereotypes linked to religion and brings reflection on its place in today’s society.

Episode 1: What is secular?

Episode 2: The Bible and Women

Episode 3: The Koran and Women

Episode 4: The Torah and Women

Episode 5: Kosher, Halal?

Episode 6: Jesus was Jewish

Episode 7: Mary and Jesus in the Koran

Episode 8: Is there violence in the Koran?

Episode 9: Is there violence in the Bible?

Episode 10: The Jews in the Koran

Direction: Ismaël Saidi & Hanan Kaminski

Production: Les Batelières Productions for France Télévisions Education

Languages: French, German, English

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