Investigation & Politics 3x52' 90'

Happiness at school

Technology is transforming our means of production and how we learn. And although our "digital natives" adopt such tech extremely quickly, unlike their parents and teachers, this relentless flow of information often leads to a disconnect, triggering fresh problems such as dropping out, screen addiction, and online bullying.


Such profound shifts should perhaps lead us to reconsider how we educate in order to give students the tools to construct their personalities, to tell truth from lies, and to be able to face the world of tomorrow.


Through examples of different educational approaches from Switzerland, Portugal, Estonia, India, Cambodia, Germany, France, and Togo, this series examines the people reinventing education. Together, they are developing new schooling systems that are better adapted to the dynamics of children, that are less sedentary and punitive, and more focused on freedom, curiosity, teamwork, and stimulating intelligence.

  • Episode 1: Learning to Learn
  • Episode 2: Connect or Disconnect
  • Episode 3: Citizen of Tomorrow

Direction: Martin Meissonnier & Katell Paillard 

Production: Campagne Première for Planète +

Photo: © Lucélia Ribeiro / Flickr

Languages: French, English

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