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Sean Connery VS. James Bond

In 1963, a young newcomer bursts onto the screen in James Bond - Dr. No, the first episode of a saga destined to become legendary. His name? Connery. Sean Connery.


The role of James Bond brought Sean Connery fame and fortune, but it also became his burden. For a long time, the actor will try to break away from his image of 007, to play more cerebral characters. At this end of this quest full of combats, failures and disappointments, the macho hero managed to turn into a wise old man with a gray beard – but still just as sexy! He mentored a new generation of actors in cult films like The Untouchables and Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, and became one of the most respected and beloved comedians in contemporary cinema.


Through exceptional and exclusive archives, alongside actors and directors he shot with - Andy Garcia, John Boorman, Rob Brown - his biographers - Michael Feeney Callan, Christopher Bray, Lisa Funnell, who analyzed his James Bond roles through the prism of gender - and one of his close friends - Murray Grigor - this film embarks on the iconic journey of the most Scottish of Hollywood’ sacred monster.

Direction: Grégory Monro - « Kubrick by Kubrick » (Emmy Awards winner)

Production: ROCHE Productions for ARTE


Languages: French, English

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