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Her Name was Grace Kelly

Considered one of the most beautiful actresses of her time, Grace Kelly remains an icon today. Her life and career are well documented, from her work in Hollywood to her marriage to Prince Rainier and her tragic death in a car accident in 1982.
But do we know the inside story? Who really was Grace Kelly?

Thanks to an exclusive agreement with the Principality of Monaco, this documentary will tell Grace’s life story as it’s never been told before, through the eyes of those close to her and who loved her, including her family – notably Prince Albert of Monaco –, and friends.

For the first time, the Grimaldi family has given access to its private archives, much of which has never been made public before, and agreed to talk us through this intimate material. This comprises many films shot in 8mm, 16mm and super-8 by Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier themselves, which reveal a mother who is quite different to the official image: Free, vibrant, surrounded by her children and participating in family life. A look back on an icon with a tragic destiny.

Direction: Serge de Sampigny

Production: Patrick Spica Productions 

Languages: French, English

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