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Impassivity and silence are Mads Mikkelsen's trademarks, and roles without reply his specialty. His sculptural allure is such that his mere presence takes on a dramatic dimension. For him, everything starts with the body. It's his main working tool, which he shapes and engages for each film. For the majority of world audiences, the Danish actor remains associated with his "villain" characters in Hollywood blockbusters - Casino Royale, Doctor Strange, Hannibal, Fantastic Beasts...


Yet he finds with uncommon ease a balance between major American film franchises and more modest, confidential independent films. If the actor manages to move from one universe to another without being stereotyped, it's because he has a very physical - thanks to his former career as a gymnast - and pragmatic approach to his art.


Film excerpts and contributions from prestigious directors will help us draw a portrait of this singular actor. Among them: Nicolas Winding Refn, who offered him his first role and made four films with Mads; Thomas Vinterberg, a close friend of him and director of The Hunt and Another Round; Susanne Bier, director of After the Wedding and Open Hearts; and Anders Thomas Jensen, who made five films with Mads Mikkelsen.

Direction: Jeanne Burel & Florence Ben Sadoun

Production: Les Batelières Productions for ARTE, DR & Canal+ Polska

Delivery: Fall 2024

Languages: French, English

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