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Keanu Reeves: Pop Messiah

As an indie actor in My Own Private Idaho, a blockbuster star in Point Break and Speed, a digital-age hero in The Matrix and a supremely accomplished hitman in the John Wick saga, in the course of a career spanning more than 30 years, Keanu Reeves has reinvented himself over and over again, building a protean, category-defying body of work that makes him one of the most fascinating and most contemporary stars of his generation. 

Through his unusual career, major successes but also wrong moves, this full archive documentary investigates a star who seems to have no equivalent. A dive into the journey of a unique actor, to explore the upheavals that have reshaped Hollywood over the last four decades, as digital technologies have revolutionized our lives, social networks have emerged and gone from strength to strength, and culture has become increasingly globalized.

Direction: Julien Dupuy (Stephen King, the necessary evil)

Production: Yuzu Productions for ARTE 

Languages: French, English

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