Nature 4K 52'


Duke spent his childhood amongst humans, within a foster family from Cape Town, thus deprived from its instincts, from its roots. But for this young caracal, it is time to go back to the wild.


A red coat, piercing eyes and black ears topped with a tuft of fur. The caracal is a wild feline dreaded by South African shepherds. Nowadays, the species is endangered. For Duke, a new life begins as he is released in a green paradise: the wildlife reserve of Zimanga, in Zulu province. Little by little, the young feline reconnects with its roots as he learns how to hunt and to cohabit with the many wild animals living here: amongst them, a female caracal named “Elle” catches his eye… Discover this wild cat’s charming initiatory tale.


Thanks to drones, camera-traps and ultra-high-speed camera, this documentary offers breathtaking footage of Southern Africa’s wilderness. We become the privileged spectators of the wild species who inhabit Zimanga’s reserve

Réalisation: Bertrand Loyer

Production: Saint Thomas Productions for ARTE G.E.I.E & WDR

Languages: French, English

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