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Cleopatra's secret tomb

The tomb of the last queen of Egypt has never been found, despite experts searching for centuries. Now, we may be close to finally finding the most important site in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra was a king’s daughter, a mother, a sister, and at the heart of political intrigue. She killed herself in Alexandria to avoid being exiled to Rome, yet despite her power and position, the location of her final resting place is still unknown.


While many historians believe it is located near a temple to Isis, East of ancient Alexandria, new discoveries indicate that it might be near Taposiris Magna. With new mummies and hieroglyphics dating back to the time of Cleopatra constantly being uncovered, more proof is unfolding.


Through field excavations, 3D modeling and reenactments, this documentary series will retrace the life of Cleopatra, plunging viewers into the most fascinating period of ancient Egypt as experts close in on the mysterious location of her tomb.

  • Episode 1: Cleopatra, the conquest of Egypt’s throne
  • Episode 2: Alexandria, Cleopatra’s mausoleum
  • Episode 3: The unique tomb of the Ptolemies
  • Episode 4: Cleopatra’s and Mark Antony’s fall

Direction: Anne-Fleur Delaistre & Julien Balestier 

Production: Label News for C8 & Planète+, TV5 Québec, Viasat & Telefonica

Languages: French, English

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