History 52' 70'

Cleopatra: The Mystery of the Mummified Hand

For decades, Egyptologists have been searching for a priceless treasure that could revolutionize our knowledge of the Pharaonic dynasties: Cleopatra’s tomb. A treasure that has not yet been found. However, the recent discovery of an incredible relic could lead to it…


A renowned American collector might hold the key to the mysterious tomb. He recently discovered a perfectly preserved mummified hand, brought back from Egypt in the 18th century. If the accompanying text is to be believed, it is that of Cleopatra VII, the last Queen Pharaoh of this vanished civilization. Could it be true? A thrilling investigation begins to solve a 2,000-year-old enigma.


With the help of international experts, we retrace the path of a unique relic from archaeological excavation sites to laboratories, right up to the DNA investigation which - exclusively for this film - will enable us to uncover this strange mystery, and to understand the immutable myth built around Cleopatra.  

Direction:  François Pomès

Production: Label News for RMC Découverte & Toute l’Histoire, SBS & Telefonica

Languages: French, English

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