History 3x45' 90'


Mummies have captivated mankind since the dawn of time. The source of many myths and legends, these carefully preserved bodies hold priceless knowledge about ancient Egypt and its pharaohs.


The discovery of a 2,500-year-old embalming laboratory - the oldest ever unearthed - promises to shed new light on mummification practices. These ancestral and mysterious ceremonies, which were supposed to offer immortality to the deceased, still raise questions for scientists and Egyptologists today.


The study of these rituals highlights the daily life and beliefs of Egyptian civilization. But also, and above all, a total expertise and understanding of the virtues of plants and herbs.

  • The Origins of Embalming
  • Embalming, a Thriving Industry
  • Unveiling the Secrets of the Mummies

Direction: Alexandra Barbot

Production: ZED for France Télévisions & Česká Televize

Delivery: End of 2024

Languages: French, English

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