History 4K 52' 90'

Marie Antoinette: Trial of a Queen

Night of 2 August 1793: Marie Antoinette, the former queen of France, is transferred to the Conciergerie. Her husband has been sent to the guillotine, her children have been taken away from her, all the other European monarchies have abandoned her. And France is calling for her head. Expiatory victim of a failing Revolution, Marie Antoinette has more strength and dignity than ever imagined.


Thanks to the secret documents on her trial freshly decoded by historian Emmanuel de Waresquiel, the film grasps the last days of Marie Antoinette. The revolution judged her as a queen, her tragic death made her immortal.

Direction: Alain Brunard

Production: ZED, ARTE France and Be-FILMS.

With the support of Creative Europe - Media Programme of the European Union

Languages: French, English

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