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Tombs of Egypt: Imhotep, the Pyramid Creator

In one of history’s most incredible feats, Egyptian architect Imhotep designed and built Djeser’s monument: civilization’s very first pyramid. Recognized as a genius, he was also a doctor, astronomer, poet, and philosopher and was celebrated by Egyptians and Greeks alike. 


But despite his unmistakable stamp on history, his own tomb has never been found. Determined to discover the resting place of the mysterious man who defined Egypt in so many ways, Dr. Zahi Hawass and his international team enter the heart of an ancient stone maze called Gisr el-Mudir, in Saqqara.


Hawass’ quest led his team to unearth the oldest known Gold-Covered Mummy in Egypt in January 2023. We follow this unprecedented, exclusive investigation while bringing Imhotep and his ancient Egypt to life. Beginning with an analysis of discovered tombs and artifacts, and deciphering papyri, we’ll imbed with the archaeologists as they follow the clues in search of Imhotep. Historically fascinating and visually splendid, this is a real expedition targeting a burning mystery. 

Direction: Clémence Rabeau

Production: Label News for RMC Découverte & Toute l'Histoire

Languages: French, English

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