History Science 6x52'

Inside pyramids

More than 4,500 years after the first pyramid was constructed, experts are still analyzing them and developing theories as to how they were built. From the origins of the stones used, whether they were brought from quarries or reconstituted from crushed rock... to how the Egyptians were able to stack the stones, scientists are still formulating various hypotheses.


Now, by combining the latest research with details obtained from state-of-the art portable laser scanners, this series lifts the veil on some of the outstanding mysteries of the pyramids. With the help of new equipment used by international expert scientific teams, we’ll probe the undiscovered spaces in the pyramids while learning about the ancient techniques the Egyptians used to build them so long ago. We’ll film outside and inside the monuments with our special and sometimes exclusive access, focusing on the unseen, unpublished and unknown.

Production: Label News for RMC Découverte, Toute l’Histoire, & Telefonica

Delivery: Spring 2023

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