Social issues 52'


We are confronted with overproduction, overconsumption, misallocation of resources and increasing pollution. However, the younger generations refuse to remain passive in the face of this reality and are seeking to break free from this consumerist trap. 


The aim today is to transform our system in depth through a circular economy, where unsold and discarded goods are reclaimed and recycled. The zero-waste heroes' commitment is reflected in concrete actions aimed at reinventing our way of life and promoting a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly model: upcycling, waste recovery, awareness-raising workshops, manual work, transmission to children... The younger generations play a crucial role in building a more ecological and equitable future


From Paris to Roubaix, we meet these everyday heroes, the driving force behind militant initiatives and ecological alternatives to our current consumption patterns.

Direction: Jennifer Aranda & Laurence Scarbonchi

Production: Flair Production

Languages: French

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