Social issues 6x52'


From dawn to dusk, men and women are hard at work behind the scenes of our supermarkets, making sure we have everything we need. A world of its own, hiding its share of unforeseen events behind its tidy windows and shelves, from stock shortages to the most extravagant requests from ever more demanding customers.


Working in a supermarket also means belonging to a big family, where everyone has to deal with the personalities of their colleagues. There are clashes, laughs and funny situations, but no one ever loses sight of the store's common goal: to serve and satisfy thousands of customers every day.


This documentary series follows the daily adventures of these behind-the-scenes workers across France, with their specific local characteristics, traditions and mentalities - a geographical diversity that reflects that of France's territories.

Direction: Clarisse Duppré, Laura Montabell & Léa Thirion

Production: Flair Production

Languages: French

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