Investigation & Politics 4x15' 52'


The race of climate emergency keeps on gathering pace. Yet those responsible often go unpunished. To denounce the state’s inaction, several activists decided to take legal action. Today, a new frontline in the ecological battle is taking shape.


EU’s goal to achieve climate-neutrality by 2050 is no longer enough. To tackle the climate crisis, we need to act now, and radically. Worldwide, activists spread the word by reiterating their actions. But governments only are able to impose measures commensurate to such challenge. Spanning Europe, we follow three major cases initiated by people of all ages, and brought against European states: “#YouthforClimate”, “Urgenda”, “L’Affaire du Siècle” (Deal of the Century) and the “Aînées pour le Climat” (Senior Women for Climate Protection). For the very first time ever, the European Court of Human Rights considers their request...


Through interviews with activists, jurists and experts, this film tells the rise of modern climate justice. From Portugal to Netherlands, passing by France, it immerses us into an environmental battle waged by a new generation willing to make a difference.

Direction: Zouhair Chebbale 

Production: Seppia for ARTE.TV

Delivery: Early 2024

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