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With the ecological crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, the migratory stakes, the war in Ukraine, the technological mutations: the European continent is at a turning point.


From Spain to the Ukraine or Russia, from Sweden to the Balkans, this European co-production reveals a continent at a crossroads but also, a Europe more interconnected than you might think. Through unprecedented aerial views, which highlight the diversity of landscapes across the continent, through cartographic animations and by meeting committed citizens, the series examines six topics that will determine our future.


For over two years, a team of six renowned European filmmakers, collaborated to show the people of Europe who are determined and united in their search for answers and solutions to current major concerns such as the search for sustainable agriculture, energy transition, a change in transport, people's freedom of movement, the new digital continent or the threats to our natural habitat.

Episode 1: Energy for Europe

Episode 2: Migration - The New Europeans

Episode 3: Transport - Europe on The Move

Episode 4: Digital Europe

Episode 5: Natural Europe

Episode 6: Agriculture - Feeding Europe

Direction: Andreas Pichler, Nina Maria Paschalidou, Pierre-Oliver Francois, Joakim Demmer & Tonislav Hristov

Production: Point du Jour, Zero One Film & Clin d'OEil for ARTE, MDR, VRT & AMC Networks Odisea

Languages: French, English

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