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Meet my Wild Pet

Rémi is a 30-year-old traveler with a good knowledge of both wild and domestic animals. He decided to head off on a wild trip across Europe and further. His aim: to go in search of wildlife, off the beaten tracks and away from traditional tourist circuits, and discover countries through the bond between people and animals. Each destination offers Rémi the opportunity to discover a country’s emblematic animal, and to explore the concepts of domestication, evolution, and conservation.


Meet My Wild Pet explores the world of men and women who have forged a unique bond with animals. Through five episodes, we travel in Turkey, Morocco, Russia, Romania and Scotland to share the daily life of these people and their surprising companions. A fresh and original way to travel that goes to the heart of nature.

  • The Wings of the Tribe - Morocco
  • The Nomadic Gladiators - Turkey
  • The King of the Mountains - Romania
  • The Racing Drivers of the Far North - Russia
  • The Clan of Primitives - Scotland

Direction: Jérémy Frey, Sébastien Pierrot, Matthieu Maillet

Production: Cinétévé & Voyage

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