Nature 4K 52'

The Boar Next Door

Rough and dangerous; responsible for numerous damages; capable of proliferating at full speed; this is what the wild boar instantly evokes, and this negative reputation is not new. In spite of a drastic management of its populations, the wild boar escapes our control. Even worse, it adapts to humans, even getting closer to roads, farm buildings or houses, as its natural living space is reduced.


With a remarkable form of intelligence, it knows how to change its behavior to expand its territory and prosper. The film will focus on this paradox: How does the wild boar manage to survive in a world shaped by Man? How does it benefit from this? Is a cohabitation with humans possible?


This documentary will examine this insatiable survivalism of the wild boar, which despite environmental changes - human activity, global warming, reduction of living space - adapts and thrives.

Direction: Frank Pizon

Production: COSMOPOLITIS PRODUCTIONS for France Télévisions

Delivery: November 2024

Languages: French, English

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