Nature 72' 3x52'

Wild is Home: Wallonia

After travelling the world in search of breathtaking and exotic scenery, two image professionals return to their native Belgium, with the same idea in mind: to shed light on a region too often ignored.


Until today, there was no meaningful look at the Walloon region (Belgium). It mostly tended to be perceived in an unfavorable light. For our two directors, it is time to fix this. Both passionate about nature, they decided to promote the wilderness of Wallonia by filming its rich biodiversity. On the ground, underwater or in the air, we go to meet numerous species, some of which are threatened today…


This two-part documentary invites us to explore a natural heritage with multiple facets. Through beautiful footage of the Walloon nature, it raises awareness of the protection of a fragile and precious environment.

Episode 1: Biodiversity (52')
Episode 2: Invasions (52' & 72')
Episode 3 : Resilience along the canals (52' & 72')

Direction: Robert Henno & Jean-Christophe Grignard
Production: Art Ocean, Into The Wild Productions, Taka & Panique!

Languages: French, English

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