Nature 52'


Santa Cruz Island is home to the world’s smallest species of fox, known as “tiny fox”. Quite different from their continental cousins, these mini canids have adapted to the island’s ecosystem and climbed to the top of its food chain. But it doesn’t take much for their strengths to turn into weaknesses…


A few years ago, victims of predation, the tiny island fox came close to extinction: their numbers were drastically reduced, also threatening the naturel balance of the entire island. Today, thanks to conservation efforts, the species is once again flourishing in Santa Cruz. But the tiny fox remains a fragile species: for it, survival is a constant battle.


On the island, a couple are about to give birth to their last litter. Following the adventures of this adorable family of foxes, this 100% wildlife documentary plunges us into the heart of an exceptionally rich island and highlights the challenges of its preservation.  

Direction: Emma Baus

Production: Nord-Ouest Documentaires for ARTE G.E.I.E.

Delivery: November 2024

Languages: French, English

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