History Science 4K 52' 90'

Viking Women: The Untold Saga

In Iceland, the discovery of a ship-tomb containing a woman’s grave tells us that they could take part in the expeditions of their conquering spouses. Scientists have detected their traces in the DNA of populations scattered throughout Northern Europe, and as far as Russia. They set foot on American soil four centuries before Christopher Columbus.

What rank did women occupy in this hierarchical society, reputedly dominated by men? Were they the bloodthirsty warriors described in the sagas? Science reveals a daily life often less spectacular, but just as strategic: They were guardians of the home, slaves or servants, but also captains of industry, spiritual leaders, political strategists…

Based on the most recent scientific discoveries, illustrated by spectacular images from Ubisoft’s last opus, Assassins’ Creed Valhalla video game, Viking women, the untold saga reveals a complex society, and offers a nuanced and precise portrait of the women of the frozen lands.

Direction: Thomas Cirotteau

Production: Little Big Story, Nordic Eye Productions & Ubisoft for France Télévisions, Histoire TV, SVT, NRK & DR

Delivery: End of 2024

Languages: French, English

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