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Women under Hitler’s flag

German women may be perceived as passive witnesses to the horrific crimes committed by the Nazi regime, but many were active participants that were as brutal and merciless as their better-known, male counterparts.

Over the past 15 years, a new generation of international historians (award-winning Wendy Lower, Elizabeth Harvey, Johann Chapoutot, Christian Ingrao…) has been digging into the truth of how deeply the Third Reich’s women were involved in the atrocities.
Combining their fresh analyses with striking archival footage, this film reveals previously unknown stories about the women who refused to live in the shadow of Nazi men.

Episode 1: From 1933 to 1942

Episode 2: From 1942 to the present

Direction: Christiane Ratiney

Production: Hauteville Productions for ARTE France 


Languages: French, English

awards & festivals

  • Escales Documentaires 2023

    Official Selection

  • FIGRA 2023

    Official Selection

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