History Science 4K 2x45' 52' 90'

Amazons: Women warriors

Following recent discoveries Siberia, Northern Armenia, Mongolia and Crimea, including decapitated women’s skeletons, and the tomb of a woman surrounded by weapons and mistaken for a man, an archaeological expedition led by international experts begins. 


Could these women be real-life Amazon warriors - a fiercely independent tribe of warriors and hunters who were revered for their physical prowess and sheer strength comparable to the bravest of men? Is there any historical truth behind the myth of these hard-fighting, horse-riding female fighters?


Combining field research, dramatic reenactments, 3D and in-depth interviews, this documentary will uncover who these women were, hoping to expose the truth behind the myth of Amazons.

Direction: Alexandra Barbot & Véronique Préault

Production: ZED for France Télévisions, CESKA TV & Magellan TV

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