History 52'

Sea Soldiers

During the Cold War both nations, both American and Russian armed forces developed a new top-secret ultra sophisticated weapon. An undersea fighting force, a battalion made up of sea lions, killer whales, pilot whales, white sturgeons and dolphins. For thirty years, the two nations tried to transform these marine mammals into disciplined and compliant professional killers...

Based on unreleased archives, Sea Soldiers recounts the true story of these veteran marine mammals from their capture in the 1960's to their forced retirement in the 1990's. Military secrets are unveiled, such as the conception of these underwater programs. Also disclosed are the methods used to train these animals and the covert military operations that were held in Vietnam and in the Gulf war.

Direction: Jérôme Julienne, Jean-Michel Corillion

Production: ZED for ARTE France

Languages: French, English

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