Nature 4K 52'


A blue-chip journey, that embarks us on land or in the sea to meet the creatures that possess a secret superpower: fluorescence.


While fluorescence may go unnoticed by humans, it influences the lives of hundreds if not thousands of species. It plays a crucial role in terms of claiming territory, reproduction, survival and predation. We will use specialized equipment to swap our Homo sapiens sight for a vision that is more... animal. At last, we’ll see the world in fluorescence and strive to unpack its mysteries!


With this system, we invite viewers to share an alternative version of our world where the most trivial creatures seem to have popped straight from the imagination of a sci-fi writer. We enter an alien dreamscape governed by color and light.

A 100% wildlife film, to discover our world’s fascinating, fluorescent flora and fauna.


Learn more about the fluorescence phenomenon alongside experts in the science mini-series version (2x52')

Direction: Rachel Guénon & Samuel Guiton

Production: ZED for ARTE G.E.I.E.

Delivery: Fall 2024

Languages: French, English

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