Nature Science 4K 52'

Bats: Upside-Down Friends

In the middle of the night, in the heart of a forest in the countryside, when all the animals are asleep, a small silhouette in a straight flight stands out: the common noctule is hunting.


We don't know much about the common noctule - a type of bat - and the scientific community itself admits that there are still many mysteries surrounding this poorly-studied species. What is its habitat? How does it hunt? What is its role? Why their species is endangered?


A vast scientific study of this little-known species begins under the eye of our cameras, alternating between stunning shots of the bat in its natural environment and scientific insights. Shot over a period of around two years, this film immerses us in the field research and discoveries, thanks notably to discreet, non-invasive infrared cameras.

Direction: Hugo & Nathan Braconnier

Production: Mona Lisa Production & Un Brin de Nature for Ushuaïa TV

Languages: French, English

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