Human Stories 20x26’ 6x52’

People of the Sea

From the Bardi Jawi aborigines in Australia, and the Malayalis in India, to the Apalaanchis in Colombia and the Vahocas in Mozambique, this series heads off in search of the last traditional fishermen whose horizon is the ocean. Conscious of the treasures the sea contains and representing a boundless source of knowledge, they have managed to adapt to their environment and develop unique lifestyles that they now hand down generation to generation. 


On their flimsy canoes that seem to glide across the ocean, or in their villages on stilts, People of The Sea gives us insight into their world between land and sea, their beliefs and knowledge that allow them to live in harmony with this unique natural habitat. A total immersion into the daily lives of these exceptional seafarers for whom there is no boundary between land and sea, and whose lifestyles represent an invaluable heritage for mankind.


  • Episode 1: Panama
  • Episode 2: Madagascar
  • Episode 3: Guinea Bissau
  • Episode 4: Indonesia
  • Episode 5: Australia
  • Episode 6: Vanuatu
  • Episode 7: India
  • Episode 8: New Caledonia
  • Episode 9: Thailand
  • Episode 10: Vietnam
  • Episode 11: Mozambique
  • Episode 12: Honduras
  • Episode 13: Tanzania
  • Episode 14: Brazil
  • Episode 15: Colombia
  • Episode 16: Timor
  • Episode 17: Mauritania​​​​​​
  • Episode 18: Benin 
  • Episode 19: French Guyana 
  • Episode 20: Myanmar

Production: DÉCOUPAGES & ARTE France

Direction: Julien Naar, Matthieu Maillet, Stéphane Corréa, Ludovic Fossard, Jean-Luc Guidouin, Pierre-François Didek, Aleksandar Dzerdz, Nicolas Argillet & Thibault Férié 

Languages: French, English

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