Social issues 52'


Last September, Greenpeace published an alarming report on the increasingly damaging impact of industrial fishing on our oceans... Gwenaël Pennarun, a sea bass fisherman in Brittany, has been fishing responsibly from the outset - parcticing an extremely selective line fishery, interrupted during the fish's breeding season. But how can this small-scale artisanal fishery survive in the face of the giant trawlers that rule the seas?


President of the association des ligneurs de la pointe de Bretagne (Brittany’s anglers association) and member of the LIFE association (Low Impact Fishermen of Europe), this Breton sailor has established himself as one of the leading figures in sustainable fishing. Aware of the need for large-scale action, in recent years he has taken his voice - and that of his peers - to the European Commission. Now, on the eve of retirement, he is keen to pass on his know-how and values to future generations.


Both at sea and on land, this documentary sheds light on the daily life of this Breton sailor, a fervent defender of local, artisanal fishing in the struggle against a hegemonic and devastating industrial system.

Direction: Jacques Bedel 

Production: Saint Thomas Productions for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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