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Monaco: of princes and oceans

Beyond its glamorous look, the Principality of Monaco has long been dedicated to environmental matters. A century ago, this micro state was already conscious about the upcoming crisis and swore to protect the ocean and the life it shelters - at all costs!


In 1921, Albert I - “the Navigator Prince” - had foreseen the danger. His speech in Washington already warned us about the consequences of overfishing. This early environmentalist greatly contributed to the development of oceanology. From one generation to the next, this concern remained as prince Rainier III initiated the RAMOGE agreement while his son Albert II gave his name to a major foundation dedicated to environmental protection. 


From the famous Oceanographic Museum to the Monaco Blue Initiative, we witness the numerous efforts made by Monaco and its inhabitants in order to preserve the life of aquatic ecosystems. Thanks to archives, interviews and gorgeous oceanic footage, embark on a dazzling journey through time and space. 

Direction: Franck Florino

Production: Theorem & Les Films d'un Jour for Ushuaïa TV

Languages: French, English

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