Human Stories 13x26'

Overseas Legends

Today, there is in our ordinary and structured world, people who are now shaping the legends of tomorrow, thanks to their direct contact with nature: fishermen, hunters, nature keepers... Let us embark on their fantastic adventures.

From the Tahitian Mahi Mahi hunter to the South Pacific cow boys, meet the people who create tomorrow's world legends.

  • Mahi Mahi Hunter
  • The Fishermen And The Saints
  • Yadav, The Last Refuge
  • Tisno, Game Warden
  • The Stockmen Of “Grand Caillou”
  • The Porcelain Crawfish
  • The Shark Fin
  • The Last Wayanas Hunter
  • The Cocks Of Pilot River
  • The Cow Boys Of Ua Huka
  • Fundi Shark
  • The Turtles Of Saziley
  • The Scented Sailboats

Direction: Jérôme Ségur, Jean Queyrat, Benoit Ségur

Production: ZED, RFO & AB Productions

Languages: French, Arab, Brazilian Portuguese, Español, German, Italian, Neutral Spanish, Polish, English

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