True crime 29x52'

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In what way do news stories reflect our society? How have some of them made our society evolve? From the post-war period to the present day, this series looks back at widely publicized stories that shed light on the sociological, political and legislative changes in our society.  The legalization of abortion, women's rights, divorce legislation, racial laws, sects, youth revolt, unemployment, but also the abolition of the death penalty…. These are changes and trends that will be told through sometimes famous, sordid events.

Through archive images, witnesses and reconstructions, each episode looks back on a crime, a story of men and women, to reveal a shadowy part of each one, approached under the prism of a unique story.

  • The priest of Uruffe (Marie David)
  • Direct action (Clémence Badault)
  • The judge is dead (Xavier-Marie Bonnot)
  • Bruno Sulak The gentleman burglar of the money years (Jean-Luc Gunst)
  • The diabolical lovers (Marie David)
  • Ranucci : the impossible truth (Xavier-Marie Bonnot)
  • Abortion, the Bobigny trial (Guy Beauché)
  • The Marshall case: the hunt (Laurent Ferrari)
  • The Goetze case : when prostitutes come out of the shadows (Marie-Laurence Rincé)
  • The kidnapping of little Eric Peugeot (Manuel Herrero)
  • The cursed talc (Ludovic Tac)
  • Serge Ferraton, crazy to kill (Olivier Claverie)
  • Buffet Bontems: the mutineers of Clairvaux (Xavier-Marie Bonnot)
  • The Dandonneau case: insurance on death (Marie David)
  • The murderous college (Pailleron) ((Agnès Jamonneau))
  • Snekkar Arctic, the fight of a life (Agnieszka Ziarek)
  • The tragic ball (Ketty Rios Palma)
  • The dead of white gold (Vaujany) (Xavier-Marie Bonnot)
  • Don't touch my CRS! (Xavier-Marie Bonnot)
  • Black December (Xavier-Marie Bonnot)
  • The missing of Ravenel (Pascale Poirier)
  • The possessed of Faaité (Xavier-Marie Bonnot)
  • Johny Catherine, the lion is dead (Stéphane Jacques)
  • Deadly shores (Pascale Poirier)
  • May 67 A forgotten massacre (Xavier-Marie Bonnot)
  • For some gold nuggets (Jean-Luc Gunst)
  • Hamouro: The fires of shame (Romain Fleury)
  • Rescued from the guillotine (Xavier-Marie Bonnot and Ursula Wernly)
  • The curse of the Catherine clan (Stéphane Jacques)

Direction: Marie David, Clémence Badault, Guy Beauché, Laurent Ferrari, Marie-Laurence Rincé, Manuel Herrero, Ludovic Tac, Olivier Claverie, Agnès Jamonneau, Agnieszka Ziarek, Ketty Rios Palma, Xavier-Marie Bonnot, Stéphane Jacques, Pascale Poirier, Jean-Luc Gunst, Romain Fleury

Production: 13ème Rue, NBC Universal Global Networks France & Bonne Compagnie

Languages: French

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