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Michel Serrault, UN CLOWN EN LIBERTÉ

A facetious personality, ingenious acting and a half-century career punctuated by hilarious, unforgettable roles… French actor Michel Serrault, who passed away in 2007, was one of the greatest comic geniuses of his time.


In his youth, Serrault discovered the world of the circus and its wonders. He who thought to become priest thus decided to take on a different path: to make others laugh and to have fun! On stage, in Parisian cabarets and in front of cameras, alone or in duet with Jean Poiret, he demonstrated a rare inventiveness. A virtuoso in the art of burlesque – witness his interpretation of the extravagant Zaza Napoli in La Cage aux Folles -, the actor is equally adept at juggling cynical, disturbing and dramatic tones. A superb and protean acting that has won him the César for Best Actor three times!


Woven together with fragments from his filmography and testimonials from those close to him (his daughter Nathalie) and his admirers (Bertrand Blier, Matthieu Kassovitz, François Berléand, Emmanuelle Béart...), this documentary looks back at the life and work of a renowned clown and outstanding actor.

Direction: Frédéric Zamochnikoff

Production: Flair Production for RTS & Ciné + 

Languages: French

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