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Born in 1917, André Raimbourg, known as Bourvil, was one of the most popular actors of French cinema, "the best of men" according to Gérard Oury, who cast him four times.


A mythical tandem with the naive and the hysterical: Bourvil, the embodiment of gentleness, Louis de Funès, the agitation itself. Two dynamics that complemented each other perfectly, the tyrannical and the submissive. The smarter was not the more arrogant. But fraternity was not an empty word in his life.


Supported by archive footage and contributions from his son Dominique Raimbourg, as well as his colleagues Danielle Thompson, Francis Huster and Jean-Pierre Mocky, this film retraces the short life of this Norman peasant's son, who loved music and people.

Direction: Frédéric Zamochnikoff

Production: Flair Production for Ciné +

Languages: French

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